We teamed up with our pals over at The Furrow on this gem of a project for Facebook's creator fan recognition tools. This 2D-to-3D collab provides content creators on Facebook additional toolsets to better connect and engage with their top fans. We developed a wide range of characters and assets to suit a myriad of motifs and styles.
Directed by The Furrow in collaboration with Toast
ECD: Seth Eckert
CD: Chris Guyot

The Furrow EP: Janet Tousseau
Toast EP: Tyler Guyot
3D Design + Animation: Ryan Talbot, Alejandro Perez, Emanuele Marani, Wendy Eduarte, Chris Guyot
2D Design: Grace Poole, Rommel Ruiz, Hanna Rybak
2D Cel Animation: Matt Jameson

Direction 01 - Stylized Characters

The first direction blends realistic textures and lighting with playful characters in a simple and clean environment. This direction leans into highly expressive movement, allowing content creators a wide range of emotive content to connect with their audiences. Each character went through immense iteration until the personality and design of each struck the right tone.​​​​​​​

Direction 02 - Abstract Shapes

The second direction features geometric shapes that offer a bit more ambiguity to assist a wider range of content creators. We swapped the characters for a sophisticated, thoughtfully designed shape language system.

Design Development

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